The Villager Edition 1

Welcome to The Villager. My first edition. If you wish to receive this newsletter via email, please make sure the office has your latest contact information including your email address. This information should be updated whenever a change is made or at least annually. If you have not updated your contact information, please send an email to Linda Seeley, our property manager at My objective with this newsletter is to keep you informed and maybe share a little humor.

Board Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 10:00 am at our clubhouse (unless otherwise posted). It is always better to get your information by attending the meetings than listening to community gossip. The good news is we have had a significant increase in board meeting attendance this year.

Thus far in 2023, we have had an increase in our monthly association fees and a special assessment. We are all facing a challenging 2023 so it’s even more important than ever to take an active role in your community and stay informed.

Importance of Board Meetings and Community Votes (Special Board Meetings)
I get asked a lot about the Annual Meeting and Special Meeting Proxies. These are IMPORTANT and should not be overlooked. Some items are REQUIRED to have a community vote of half + 1 of the ownership. At this time that magic number is 75 votes. This vote is accomplished by proxy. This is why these should not end up at the bottom of a bird cage. They should be completed and mailed, faxed, or emailed back to the office.

FYI – The last time the board had a quorum of ownership votes for an annual meeting was in 2017. No amendments can be voted on or passed until a quorum of 75 owners respond with their proxy votes.

Women’s Club Events
The CPV6 Women’s Club posts their events on the bulletin boards at each building near the mailboxes. Please be sure to check out the upcoming events. They usually have a variety of themed parties and are always a lot of fun.

Cedar Pointe Village Six website holds a lot of information you may find helpful.

Click here to access the website. If you click on Owner’s Page at the top, you will be asked for a password. The password is pointe2020.

Our owner’s page has a wealth of information, including Request for Work Order; Unit Owner Request Form (UORF); email addresses for all current board members; meeting agendas; and Fair Hearing Committee information.

NOTE: the minutes from board meetings cannot be posted until they are approved by the board at next month’s meeting.

Martin County Property Appraiser offers online services as well as free informational documents regarding portability and TRIM Notice information. Additionally, there are a few videos explaining your homestead exemptions. Click here to make sure you are receiving the maximum exemptions available to you.

Martin County Tax Collector’s website offers information on vehicle registration, updating your address and drivers license information. Click here to access their website.


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