Certain repairs and improvements to your unit require approval from the Board of Directors. Some also require permits. 

Please submit a unit owner request form before completing any of the work listed below. 

Completing work without receiving approval may result in monetary fines. 

You may use this electronic Unit Owner Request Form or a hard copy of this form which are available at the CPV6 Office. 

A copy of this request and its final approval or denial will be kept in your file. 


** Item requires a building permit

*   Item requires board approval

Other improvements made to your unit may also require a permit. It is up to you and your contractor to determine if a permit is required. 

By submitting this form you are agreeing that you will use licensed contractors and that anyone you may hire must first present evidence of his/her license and insurance coverages to the Office, between the hours of 8:00 Am and 12:30 PM, Monday through Friday. This must be done before work begins and no work may be done on Sundays. 

By submitting this form you request permission from the CPV6 Board of Directors to perform one or more of the following tasks as checked. If necessary, email detailed information separately to cedarpointv6@gmail.com

You may scan and email copies of your permit, or stop by the office to have a copy made for your file.

*** If an Emergency requires Immediate replacement of an Air Conditioner, Water Heater or Main Water Shut Off Valve, call the office number 772-288-2330 to notify the board. You must submit this form after the fact and provide copies of any required permits as a record for your file. ***